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She Plans — Daily, Weekly, Monthly Planners

Hi! I'm Ashley Staum, owner of She Plans - our little planner company.

You don't choose your dreams, your dreams choose you - you simply have to be ready to listen. For me it was late one evening while in grad school when my dream first whispered to me. In order to avoid studying for a few hours I decided that I *needed* to design my own planner to stay on top of everything that was on my plate.  I fell in love with the process of designing that first planner and continued to make my own planners each semester and later began making planners for co-workers who glanced over in meetings and were a bit envious of what they saw.

In early 2013 I took the leap and began selling digital versions and later our very first physical planners. Our designs have grown and changed over the years, morphed into different layouts, each designed towards a different way of planning. And they will most likely continue to evolve. Because when my mind wanders, that’s where it goes - to creating new ways to tackle that to do list - and I am lucky enough to make that my life’s work.

My focus for 2019 is to grow our Print & Plan line of simple print-at-home planning tools, and to introduce a new line of digital planners. This allows me to create tools that are more customized to what you need in your daily lives, and I love the freedom of creativity these products create. My favorite thing is to be able to create what YOU need, so if you ever think of a tool that would help you plan your days & weeks, let me know!