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Every Sunday I see tons of posts about preparing for the week ahead. How to map out a plan that will set you up for success. Simple life hacks to streamline your week. I'm usually right there on the bandwagon with Fresh Start Sunday where the family spends the morning and early afternoon getting the house ready for the school week ahead of us. But, sometimes it's different.

Sometimes I think the message that isn't being said enough is that it's okay to NOT get ready for the week ahead of you. It's okay to NOT be busy. Society is constantly telling us to get up, get out, be active, make a plan, be the best YOU you can be. If this was the last day of your life how would you spend it? And then add in our internal drive plus the events and activities that are actually necessary to function - well that's just a whole lot of busy. But our bodies, and more importantly our brains, need to turn off, to not have a problem to solve, and to actually... be BORED sometimes. Yes. Bored.

Remember when you were a child and you'd have a weekend at home with nothing much to do? You may have wandered around the house for a bit until you came up with something great to do - and that something was usually pretty awesome. I find that with my own children all the time. It's those times when I force them to turn the TV off that, after sitting around for awhile complaining, they come up with the most imaginative and entertaining games for themselves. Your brain needs this. Busy can be addicting. Let's say that again. BUSY CAN BE ADDICTING. And your brain needs rest. It needs to not always be lead, but to have the opportunity to lead you. And that doesn't happen until you sit back for long enough to let it take over.

So why not skip those soccer games this week? Why not RSVP "no" to those three birthday parties your children have been invited to? Why not just a plan an entire weekend of NOTHING and see what happens. Do those old dusty board games get pulled off the shelves? Do the kids pull out the sidewalk chalk and create marvelous works of art? Do you get to TAKE A NAP on a Sunday afternoon? Do you and your husband have a deep conversation about gummy bears vs gummy worms? By the way ... it's gummy bears all the way.

Life isn't always about scaling the mountain. Sometimes it's about laying in the field and finding cloud animals.